Rejected by my Siamese cat!

Siamese Cat

Our household is managed by a Siamese.  Not just any Siamese… is managed by Queen Esther the Lilac Point Siamese thank you!

So Esther supposedly is my cat.  Chosen by me, paid for me, road trip to collect her done by me, all expenses paid for by me, loved by me. So you think she would love me in return.  Unconditionally.


I AM REJECTED!  If there is Anyone else in the house, they have preferential rights for a warm snuggle of fur on a lap or a loud greeting when returning home at the end of the day.

Why? Why is this?  I bemoaned this sorry state of affairs to Graham ( the source of Cat Cookies and all things good for Esther).  And a very understandable reason was forthcoming;

You see, I work as a vet.  I go to work and spend my day cuddling cats, patting dogs, hugging bunnies and talking to the occasional bird.  Sometimes my patients are upset because they are hurt, sick or scared…and they communicate this by leaving pheromones (scents) behind on my clothes undetectable to the human nose.  Yet when I return home from work, I undergo an inspection from Queen Esther fit for any airport security screening.  She gives me the once over, sniffing me for updates on the daily news, and then walks off with that look on her face.

Graham explained things in a much more practical way.  Imagine if he went to work each day, and came home with some other girls perfume smell in his clothes and another chick’s lipstick on his collar.  What would I think of that??!!

Of course, I would be offended. Miffed. Put out.  Understandably!

So now I will resign myself to being loved in a slightly more distant way.  I am still a source of food and company that she will look to if needs must. And I do enjoy her typically Siamese quirks and idiosyncrasies, her antics when it is food o’clock, and her little habits and routines.  And of course, she is beautiful!

I would love to hear from you about your cat! What makes them beautiful, unique, and special to you?  Please do share with us!