The end of one adventure, and the beginning of another…

It is official, Graham and I have become Nomads! 

Not digital ones...not yet anyway.  But we have moved out of our rental property (saying goodbye to the best window seat in Matua) and started our journey as house sitters.  This has involved condensing literally two house lots of furniture and possessions accumulated over 20 years into two bedrooms! We have given away, sold and donated to charity most of our household furniture, saving treasured items and memories.  We are not quite ready to reduce our belonging to a single back pack each just yet :-)

Bed sit space economy!
How can we fit all this stuff in to one room?

We are lucky enough to have Graham's parents place to call "home" in between house sits. Thank you to Doug and Gretel for being so accommodating!  Without your support this crazy adventure would be much more difficult.

We watched many Kaimai sunsets from this sunny window.
Goodbye to the best window seat in Matua!

The last month has been a frantic combination of packing, repacking, trailer loads and choosing what items we must keep and what must go.  Along with spring cleaning a rental property from top to bottom. The new tenants will have a sparkling clean house to move into, and we hope they enjoy the view as much as we did.

It is a remarkeably theraputic process de-cluttering ones life of all the things one gathers together. Really, how important are these things  compared to family, friends and all the rich experiences life can hold.

Loading up the car
Moving all our (remaining) worldly posessions!

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