Things that pets eat………….?!

I never cease to be amazed at the things pets eat!  Check out the above x-ray of a kitten who had swallowed a piece of ribbon, with an open safety pin attached!  Luckily in this case surgical removal of the safety pin went smoothly, and the kitten made an uneventful recovery 🙂

Here is a list of things I have personally removed from animals stomachs:

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Why do vets write books?

I grew up on James Herriot, and wanted to be a vet ever since reading his books as a teenager.  But why do so many vets write books? Probably because every day there are new encounters with clients and animals ( both good and scary!).

So why not share my adventures and encounters as I work and live with with such amazing pets ?!  I will share with you the inner thoughts of Queen Esther the resident Siamese cat who manages our household, the animal insights my friends and clients share with me, and the antics of the cats and dogs I meet at Vet Clinics, House Sits and during my travels.



Scaredy Cat – a “feral” kitten that was supposed to be euthanased.  But all he needed was a friend to build his confidence, and now he is the sweetest happiest cat with a new forever home!

Hello world!

Every wonder what your pet is thinking?   Or what really happens in a Vets day?

Welcome to Vet Around The World!  Where I share with you my encounters with animals at home, at the Vet Clinic and wherever I may travel.

Love animals and they will find you

Queen Esther